EV Charging Stations

In the past decade, electric cars have gained tremendous popularity. They have been selling at a superfast speed and the reason is merely their cost-effectiveness. Since the price of fuel has been skyrocketing, individuals have actively started reconsidering their means of commuting. Most of them now prefer electric cars. 

However, there is one drawback that is yet to be dealt with – charging. Electric vehicles run on electricity which means that there is a frequent need to charge them. All EV companies offer charging solutions and chargers to keep the battery life of your EVs full. There are also now dedicated EV charging stations in Richmond that deliver high-speed charging and save a lot of time. 

It is possible to charge an electric vehicle using a standard outlet with the charger provided by the manufacturer. However, if you have a dedicated charging station installed in your home, you can increase efficiency and reduce the time of charging. The advantages of getting your own charging station installed at home are:

  • Faster and efficient charging
  • The option to charge your car whenever you want
  • Decreased dependency on public charging stations

Additionally, EV charging stations in Richmond are not only a good addition to your home, but also to your workplace. There are numerous employees who might have shifted to EVs from fuel-powered cars. They drive their electrical vehicles every day to the workplace. It would be great if they could charge their EV in the parking lot while they work in the office. EV charging stations at workplaces are a good way to improve the workforce’s mindset as they won’t have to constantly worry about their cars not being charged enough.

There are three types of EV charging stations that can be installed. 

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 (Fast charging)
  • Level 3 DC charging stations

To get your car charged without losing any time, we recommend you use the level 3 DC charging station.

At Hertz Electrical, our electricians specialize in installing EV charging stations in Richmond’s residential properties and workplaces. Contact us today to get yourself your own EV charging station.

EV Charging Locations NZ

The biggest drawback of using an EV is that it requires charging every few hundred kilometres. Although you will be charging your electric car at home most of the time, there will be instances when you will run short on power and will have to take the help of a public charging station in NZ. As per recent information, New Zealand has about 500 charging stations all over the country which consists of level 2 and level 3 DC charging stations as well.

Click here to know about all the locations available in New Zealand where you can charge your EV. 

Cost of Charging EV

The cost of Richmond electric car charging depends on the distance you drive. If you are charging your EV at your home with a level 1 charger at the standard output, it costs around $3/100 km. However, if you are charging at a charging station using a level 2 or level three charging point, the charges may go as high as $10-15/100 km.

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