Planning, designing and constructing a dream home from scratch is exciting. The reigns are in your hands to finalise the architecture of the property, decide the materials, sizes of the rooms and even the design of the doors. Basically, a new home will take care of all the needs that you have.

But one important thing about building a new home is planning. Be it the architecture of the property or the overall budget, planning is the foremost and integral part of the process.

Every new home requires the installation of several internal systems which require the expertise of different professionals in different fields. And each professional has their own rates that they charge, which is often dependent on the scope of the project and their experience. The electrical system is one of those internal systems that must be installed under the supervision of a highly experienced electrician.

It can be safely said that all the other systems in a house, including the entire HVAC system, are highly dependent on the electrical system to truly work. Hence, it is necessary to design the electrical framework of the home carefully and professionally.

Installation of an electrical system from scratch requires a lot of forethought. It is important to determine the electrical wiring framework, locations of fan and light fittings, energy outlets, and installation of security systems and ventilation systems, among others, beforehand. Otherwise, it can be inconvenient and costlier to work on it again once the construction is completed.


So, how much will the installation of an electrical system for new home construction cost you? How much budget should you establish for it? Find it below.

What Includes New Home Electrical Services

When you are constructing a new home, you need to get all the electrical appliances installed, which includes lights, fans, air conditioners, HVAC, junction boxes, and outlets, among other things. You also need to get the home wired fully and properly.

Installation of these and other components plays a major role in determining the overall electrical cost for new home construction. Additionally, the brand that you are going to use, the warranty period, the fees of the electricians, and specific components in some appliances also affect the overall budget.

Building a new home or moving into a new home can be really exciting. But most people get so absorbed in planning and designing the interiors of their homes, that they tend to forget some important requirements like electrical requirements. If such requirements are ignored, then it can put you in a danger. In fact, faulty electrical installations and poor electrical services can lead to risks and hazards like shock, fire, etc, and hence, put your life at risk. Thus, you cannot compromise with electrical services and installations

A newly constructed home needs a lot of system installations, the electrical system being the most important of them. No matter what appliances you install, no matter how big or small they are, all of them need electricity to run. Whether it is your entertainment system, your home gym equipment, your kitchen appliances, or the living room, for a home to function well, an advanced electrical system or installations are needed.

The major electrical installations needed for a newly built home include-

  • Electrical design and framework
  • New home wiring
  • Installation of appliances
  • Installation of power points
  • Switchboard installation
  • Data and cable installation
  • Ventilation system
  • Hot water system installation
  • Installation of home-theatre systems
  • Lighting and other electrical fixtures, and more.

It must be ensured that these electrical installations should be performed using wiring that fulfils the requirements of the state electricity regulations, whilst also meeting your requirements.

Apart from these electrical services and installations, there is another thing that is vital for your new home and that is energy efficiency. If you plan to move into your dream home, you need to think a little more and consider the importance of energy efficiency as well. For instance, before getting these electrical installations and services you should look for someone who can provide an energy assessment service, also known as an energy audit. This is a key to understanding how your home utilizes energy and hence in what ways can you bring down the energy use and costs.

Therefore, before you start building your new home or renovating the existing one, always have an electricity plan ready to future-proof your home.

Lastly, it’s very important to hire a qualified experienced, and licensed electrical contractor who can turn your plan into action and mitigate future risks.

How Much Does It Cost to Wire a New Build House?

For any new home, installing the electrical system is of utmost importance. The basic component of any electrical system is the wiring. They are an integral part of your home’s construction. The wires are not visible to us since they are placed within the walls and ceilings. However, they are constantly supplying electricity to the lights, fans, AC, and all other means that make our lives comfortable.

Now, how much does it cost to wire a new build house? It depends on the area that the wires have to cover and the length required to provide energy efficiency to all the appliances. If the power output needs to be huge, you will need the finest quality wires which come at a slightly higher price.

The cost of wiring a new build house is $ ___ per 1000 sq ft.

At Hertz Electrical, we offer wiring services for new build houses. Our professional electricians always consider your safety and security of paramount importance. We will never suggest you use poor-quality wires which are vulnerable to power fluctuations or worse, fatality. Contact us today and get your newly built home wired by certified and professional electricians at competitive prices.