Whether it is a new property or an old house, electrical problems are always common. But sometimes the source of this problem is improper wiring. And if you are under the misconception that only an old house requires a rewiring, then you need to upgrade your knowledge. Sometimes even a newly done wiring of an entire house needs to be replaced within a few months if it shows serious problems. So basically, we aren’t considering the fact that the wires are new or too old or even the expenses required to change them entirely. Obviously, nothing is more important than your safety; and believe us, an issue in the electrical wires can actually cause a drastic fire in your whole neighbourhood — forget just about your house.

Okay, so far we know that worn out or damaged electrical wires are a great sign of danger. But how do you know that the danger is around you? Well, obviously not always will you be bobbing your head into each and every corner to inspect wires and circuits each day. There should be some signs that you have to notice to find out the issue. And you will find a comprehensive list of all those signs in this post today.

Common signs calling for a house rewiring

A house rewiring means changing the entire electrical wired system of your house. And this job obviously calls for only an expert electrician from Hertz Electrical. They have a team of experts on both residential and commercial electrical work and guarantee 100% safe and accurate results in all the areas. Now, check for these signs in your house and never delay in calling the residential electricians for an immediate electrical rewiring if you sniff out any of these:

Flickering or dimming of lights

Consider it as the most common sign of your wires going wrong. Sometimes you find that your lights flicker very frequently. And you’ll also find your lights getting dim at some point and brightly illuminated the other second. Yes, we agree that sometimes there might be problems in your light fixtures or the bulbs, but this situation can also be a result of a loose circuit and damaged wires (that don’t provide proper electrical connection to the fixtures).

Frequent burning of light bulbs

Do you often find that your light bulbs are lying burnt in their sockets? Well don’t be surprised if this happens too often after the flickering of lights. Because, this is a clear sign of problem in electrical distribution in your electrical wires which means a bad contact on cables/fittings are having a serious problem.

Sparks in outlets

You can be sure of facing this problem very frequently in your house if there is damage in the wires or they are loose. These sparks are results of excessive heat in the connections that would have even melted your wires from within. And the sparks might be more dangerous than you can imagine. The risk of fire is huge in such a situation if you aren’t rewiring the house.

The burning smell

Does your nostril complain of a burning smell in your house? Go and check! Your wires are already burnt by now. Read this as a sign of danger and keep the main circuit switched off until an electrician arrives and checks the wires. They are probably in need of replacement.

Growing electrical shocks

Do you feel a tingling sensation each time you touch the sockets? Or have you jumped or felt a jerk due to electrical shock on touching upon a socket? In both the cases, your wires would have already given away calling for an immediate attention.

Tripping circuit breakers

Thank God we have circuit breakers. These are actually our lifesavers. They tend to warn us beforehand if they notice that there is a certain problem in your electrical connections or wires. So, if you find them tripping very frequently, then apparently there is a serious issue in your wires, and it may require a complete replacement very soon.

Are you already finding these issues in your home? Then you know where you stand and the dangers lying ahead of you. Well, you shouldn’t delay more. Contact an expert and experienced electrician immediately.