Does your light flicker more often than staying steady, or your electrical connections are wearing out? Or has it really been years that you checked your socket and electrical circuit? Well, all these signs point to an electrical upgrade in your house. But definitely, you aren’t going to pick any Tom Dick and Harry and call them for this service. You should know that picking a good electrician is about handing over yours and your family members’ safety in their hands. Ensure that these people are the most experienced and reliable ones.

Most of the time, you randomly pick an electrician for your residential work. But you should be aware that there is a vast difference between a commercial electrician and someone expert in residential properties. From their qualifications to license and certificate, everything varies, and they tend to provide you results according to their expertise in this field.

What qualifications or licenses do residential electricians need?

Whenever you think of hiring an electrician for your residential work, remember to check some of the important criteria about them and their qualifications. If you hire the licensed experts from Hertz Electrical, you can rest easy about any installation, maintenance, or repair work, for they take no job to be too big or small and handle everything with pride and honour. Only then you can be sure that these people are reliable enough for your house’s electrical work.

They should be qualified for the job

Electricity is a very delicate matter and even the safety precautions related to it are also very severe. That is why an electrician can never be untrained and unqualified. When you are picking an electrician for your residential work without checking the qualifications, you’re obviously committing a huge mistake. You should definitely inquire about these qualifications before hiring the person for such an important job.

  • Should have completed a 4-year apprenticeship Program
  • Should have completed one year of formal training and got hands on practice under an expert electrician
  • Should have passed the two exams theory and regulations and should hold a licence from EWRB.

The proper license an electrician should have

One thing is common across the countries that these electricians receive their license only after they have completed a formal education and training in this field properly. So, if the electrician is providing you a NZ verified license, you can hire this person without any worries.

Check for the experience

After the two most essential criteria, you are required to check the previous experience of the electrician. If the past work shows an exceptional result, then you shouldn’t hesitate in hiring this person for your residential job immediately.

Ask for references

You can even ask for references from your electrician pertaining to their past clients and projects to be double sure of their work. You can even get a first-hand review from these previous clients so that you know about the excellent work they have done for them (or the complaints these people had about the electrician’s work).

Go through their website

Every electrician has a different specific form of working. You can inquire about this and even get first-hand knowledge about the electrician’s proper license, education, experience, and expertise while checking the website.

Check for the quote

If everything discussed above goes well, you should definitely ask your electrician to provide a quote according to the tasks you want to entrust. If the amount is beyond your budget, then you should consider other options as well. While if you think that they are giving maximum results within this amount, you shouldn’t cringe in hiring this reliable electrician for the job.

Now that you are completely aware of all the criteria that you should check when hiring an electrician for your residential property’s job, we assume that you will pick the best one for this work and solve your electrical issues without compromising on safety or legal norms.